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Flights to Montreal

Flights to Montreal

Canada’s Most European City Shimmers in the Summertime

The vibrant city of Montreal shows its best face in the warmer months. The city has a seamless blend of European charm and North American modernity, and visitors often remark that its vibe is unlike any other on the continent.

Global Air Charters often flies clients to Montreal, where they enjoy discovering its unique cultural heritage, captivating festivals, and legendary culinary delights. Contact us today to arrange your journey and experience the true essence of Montreal this summer.

Sightseeing in the Sun

Old Montreal:

Step into a storybook as you stroll along the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal. Admire the stunning architecture, visit historic landmarks like Notre-Dame Basilica, and explore quaint shops and art galleries.

Mount Royal Park:

Escape into nature at Mount Royal Park. Hike or bike through lush green trails, enjoy breathtaking views of the city from the Belvedere lookout, and relax with a picnic on the expansive lawns.

Jean-Talon Market:

Immerse yourself in the flavors of Montreal at Jean-Talon Market, one of the city’s oldest. Sample local produce, cheeses, and artisanal products, or indulge in freshly baked pastries and aromatic coffee.

Montreal Botanical Garden:

Be enchanted by the beauty of the Montreal Botanical Garden, boasting 75 hectares of themed gardens and 22,000 plant species. Explore the Japanese Garden, Chinese Garden, and the mesmerizing Insectarium.

St. Joseph’s Oratory:

Visit one of the world’s largest basilicas, St. Joseph’s Oratory. Marvel at its grandeur, ascend to the observation deck for panoramic views, and find solace in the peaceful atmosphere.

Festivals and Events

  • Montreal Jazz Festival (June 29 – July 8, 2023): Lose yourself in the melodies of the Montreal Jazz Festival, one of the largest jazz festivals in the world. Experience captivating performances by renowned musicians, including Diana Krall, Robert Plant, Alison Krauss, Herbie Hancock, and many more.
  • International Fireworks Competition (June 29 – August 10, 2023): Witness a spectacular display of colors and lights as Montreal hosts teams of pyrotechnicians from around the world and the night sky transforms into a canvas of breathtaking artistry.
  • Just for Laughs Festival (July 14 – 29, 2023): Prepare for a side-splitting experience at the Just for Laughs Festival, showcasing world-class comedians and hilarious performances. This year’s performers include Ali Wong, Anthony Jeselnik, Ronny Chieng, Neal Brennan, and Ramy Youssef.

The Taste of Montreal


Indulge in Montreal’s quintessential dish, poutine, a delightful combination of crispy french fries, cheese curds, and rich gravy.

Smoked Meat Sandwich:

Sink your teeth into a Montreal classic—the smoked meat sandwich. Stacked high with tender, flavorful smoked beef, this delectable creation is a must-try at iconic delis like Schwartz’s or Reuben’s.


Montreal-style bagels are a local treasure. They are smaller and sweeter than a New York-style bagel, as they are boiled in honey-sweetened water before baking in a wood-fired oven. Head to St-Viateur Bagel or Fairmount Bagel for the best in town.

Flights to Montreal

Global Air Charters can help make your sojourn to Montreal easy and relaxing. We recommend flying into the city’s main airport, Montrèal-Trudeau International (CYUL), but if your business or vacation will take you further afield than the heart of the city, our flight brokers can arrange your arrival for smaller airfields in Quebec.

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