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Flights to St. Barts

Flights to St. Barts

This Secluded Island is the Ultimate Caribbean Beach Hideaway

The island of St. Barthélemy, also known as St. Barth to the French and British and St. Barts to Americans, has a storied history. France, Spain, and Sweden each laid claim to the island at different times, as did 18th-century pirate Montbars the Exterminator and a host of other nations and people.

The challenging climate and unforgiving geography made St. Barts all but uninhabitable until eccentric playboy and risk-taking amateur aviator Remy de Haenen landed a small plane on the island in 1945. Virtually overnight, St. Barts transformed into the ultimate get-away-from-it-all destination, making it a favored vacation spot for the well-heeled and for privacy-seeking celebrities.

Today, most visitors arrive by charter or commercial flight, and Global Air Charters offers service to Gustav III Airport (TFFJ). Contact us today and take advantage of the warm, dry weather of a Caribbean winter in St. Barts.

An Extraordinary Island Retreat

Millennia ago, the island of St. Barts emerged from the ocean atop a volcanic eruption, pushing the seafloor into the sky and forming the rocky, hilly terrain of the island’s center. This terrain was never suited for farming, but it is perfectly suited for the lush foliage that now blankets the island’s hills and valleys. The entirety of St. Barts is ringed by stunning, white-sand beaches gently fanning out into the azure-blue waters of the Caribbean.

Although it’s only eight square miles, St. Barts boasts a collection of magnificent beaches that lure visitors from all corners of the globe. Colombier Beach, reachable only by boat or a scenic hike, provides a tranquil escape with its secluded coves. Nearby, Gouverneur Beach invites sun-seekers with its unspoiled sands and sparkling waters.

In the heart of Gustavia, Shell Beach offers a unique landscape, blanketed in delicate seashells. The vibrant Saint-Jean Beach hums with activity, from beachside dining to exhilarating watersports. Saline Beach stretches wide, giving beachgoers a sense of solitude amidst its natural dunes.

Anse des Flamands, with its soft sands and gentle waves, provides a perfect spot for a beachside family picnic. And don’t overlook the Piscines Naturelles, swimming pools carved by the sea.

The beaches of St. Barts each have their own distinct character and unique appeal. Whether you’re in the mood for romantic solitude, quiet contemplation, or splashing in the surf with a group of friends, St. Barts has the right beach for you.

One Island, Many Festivals

It is impossible to be bored in St. Barts. While some people never grow bored with the island’s gorgeous weather and stunning beaches, there’s always something to do if you want to stretch your legs and soak up a little culture.

St. Barts fairly pulses with exciting and unique festivals all year round, from events in the early spring to waterside fireworks celebrations on New Year’s Eve. Film enthusiasts flock to the St. Barth Film Festival, where filmmakers present their masterpieces, fostering dialogues and appreciation for cinema. The St. Barth Music Festival hits a high note every year, gathering international artists to deliver memorable performances ranging from classical to contemporary.

Food aficionados indulge in the St. Barth Gourmet Festival, where local chefs and global culinary experts tantalize taste buds with delectable creations. For nautical enthusiasts, the St. Barts Bucket Regatta unfurls its sails, hosting a spectacular race in the island’s turquoise waters.

Be sure to make your New Year’s Eve reservations early, as capacities are often limited. Check out Nikki Beach Restaurant & Beach Club for their “barefoot chic” atmosphere or reserve a table at L’isoletta at St. Barth for a romantic dinner with that special someone and a waterside view of the annual fireworks display.

Experience Winter in the Caribbean

There’s no better time than winter to visit St. Barts, when the tropical humidity recedes, and the season begins. Global Air Charters can schedule a personal charter flight to suit your schedule. Call us today to plan your St. Barthélemy getaway this winter.

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