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Flights to St. Lucia

Flights to St. Lucia

Stunning mountains are only the beginning of this idyllic isle

It’s no surprise that we have our favorite destinations, and St. Lucia is at the top of that list. Approaching by air provides vacationers with a breathtaking view of the Pitons, a pair of striking oceanic mountains standing guard alongside the main island. These twin peaks offer adventure seekers extraordinary hiking opportunities and a bird’s eye view of the island.

Let’s take a closer look at this Caribbean jewel with a list of our favorite reasons to explore St. Lucia. Then, call our flight coordinators to start planning your journey.

Volcanic Beaches and Healing Waters

The stunning spectacle of St. Lucia’s beaches never fails to delight newcomers. Formed from ancient volcanic activity, these black sand beaches are so striking that they border on the surreal. And speaking of volcanic activity, visit the nearby Sulphur Springs Park, home to the Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano.

Though the volcano last erupted centuries ago, geothermal activity below the collapsed crater continues to fuel the natural springs within the park. These bubbling pools of mineral-rich waters form a natural spa-like environment, and visitors flock to the park for the reputed healing properties of these warm, soothing waters.

Experience Big Game Fishing

The waters off St. Lucia provided an exhilarating opportunity for big game fishing, drawing both expert anglers and enthusiastic novices. You’ll find a veritable bounty of marine life and feel the thrill of chasing marlin, tuna, sailfish, and more. Each day, fishing charters equipped with experienced crews and state-of-the-art gear set out from the island, navigating to the ideal spots for a bountiful catch.

As any seasoned angler will tell you, the challenge and excitement of reeling in these majestic fish is unlike any other experience. Everyone should try a charter fishing excursion at least once, and our friends at Exclusive Vacation Adventures know all the best boats to charter in the Caribbean.

Choose the Perfect Wedding Destination

It’s easy to understand why St. Lucia is among the world’s favorite wedding destinations. The lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and stunning geography serve as the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding, and newlyweds can begin their honeymoon the moment the ceremony concludes.

Couples choose St. Lucia for its variety of picturesque venues, ranging from luxurious resorts to intimate beachfront villas. St. Lucia’s natural beauty, coupled with its tradition of hospitality, makes the island an ideal setting for a dream wedding.

Embrace St. Lucia’s Vibrant Culture

While St. Lucia offers fun and excitement year-round, its cultural calendar is highlighted by two notable events: the world-renowned Saint Lucia Jazz Festival in May and the annual Carnival celebration in July. The jazz festival brings together a powerful roster of musicians, ranging from local performers to global superstars. In July, the Carnival transforms the streets of St. Lucia into a display of costumes, music, and dance, showcasing the island’s cultural heritage.

Flights to St. Lucia

There’s no better way to reach St. Lucia than aboard your own private charter flight. Whether your passengers include a wedding party or a group of enthusiastic vacationers, Global Air Charters will make your Caribbean excursion the adventure of a lifetime. Contact us today to plan your flight to the extraordinary, unforgettable island of St. Lucia.


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