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Flying Private With Special Needs

Flying Private With Special Needs

Flying with Elderly, Special Needs, or Immobilized Passengers? Private Jets are the Perfect Solution for Guests who Require Special Care.

One of the hallmarks of private air travel is the tailored service that suits the needs of our clients. Our industry thrives on an objective standard of excellence in service and care for each passenger. When brokers approach us with an opportunity to fly clients with special needs, we pay careful attention to how we can adapt our hospitality standards to ensure a comfortable and smooth experience.

Many families who travel with elderly, immobilized, or other special needs individuals choose an aircraft with generous interior space to maximize their comfort. The Gulfstream V is a proven airframe for extra room and a comfortable, home-like atmosphere. In this short article, we will explore the many advantages of chartering a Gulfstream V with loved ones who require special attention and care during travel.

Elderly Guests

Each guest who flies with us has different hospitality requirements to make their aircraft feel like an extension of home. We never assume that just because a passenger is older than 75 years of age, for example, they will require any additional attention before, during, or after their flight. Many elderly guests who board our aircraft are just as comfortable as their younger counterparts.

There are, however, many reasons for elderly guests who are uneasy about the rigorous process of regular commercial air travel or the discomfort of smaller light jets to choose a large cabin aircraft. Larger airframes like our Gulfstream V fleet provide ample space to lay down or move comfortably about the cabin.

If you’re traveling with a healthcare aide, the extra space is perfect for easy access to any medical equipment that may be required. We go to great lengths to provide our elderly guests with a comfortable and memorable travel experience. Before flying private with special needs, communicate with your broker about any concerns you may have before, during, or immediately after the flight so we can best serve you.

Immobilized Guests

Immobilized guests present a unique challenge in that we, as your aircraft operator, cannot legally provide any physical assistance during boarding or disembarkation. While we can provide the most comfortable seating option for these passengers during their travel, there must be outside help provided to ensure they are safely secured in the aircraft before the boarding door closes.

This assistance is typically arranged by our broker partner(s), the lead passenger directly, or our internal staff. It’s important to note that your aircraft captain has discretion about the viability of which seating location is safest regarding emergency exits. Planning for even the most unlikely of emergencies is one of the biggest reasons that private air travel is the safest mode of transport.

Once immobilized passengers are safely in place aboard the aircraft, they are in the caring hands of our professional pilots and cabin attendants with years of experience. Whether you need privacy or someone to assist you in the cabin during flight, you will be well taken care of.

Other Special Needs

Having a conversation with your broker before each flight regarding passengers with other special needs is an essential first step in determining the best travel solution. There are certain instances, although rare, where a large cabin private jet just isn’t enough to ensure safe travel for other special needs. For this reason, air ambulance services occupy a vital place in our industry.

Reach out directly to us with any questions about flying private with special needs, and we will work to provide you with the best solution or connect you directly to someone within our network.

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