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Why Gulfstream airframes are the best choice for your travel needs

The Gulfstream brand has set the standard in private jet travel for decades. The name has become an icon in the industry and is known today as the most reliable and bespoke brand on the market.

For many reasons, we offer Gulfstreams exclusively in our fleet to our brokers and direct clients. Therefore, we want to share this decision’s logistical and tacit reasoning.

Recognition of Excellence

Since its beginning, Global Air Charters has taken to heart the unique position we occupy as operators of on-demand private jets. We have always understood the need to strive for and achieve excellence in the service we bring to the market.

We developed an affinity for Gulfstream when we acquired our first GIII about seven years ago. Once we began operating our GIII airframe, we could offer so much more to our clients and brokers that stood apart from competing operators.

In the years following our first Gulfstream acquisition, we also operated smaller business jets from other manufacturers. Still, we found our operational niche with Gulfstream and have prioritized acquiring more of them. Today, our fleet consists of four GVs and one GIV, with more growth planned in the coming months.


The obvious tactical advantage afforded by Gulfstream airframes is the range they offer. Our clients can access the entire world from their backyard by choosing to charter one of our magnificent GIV or GV airframes.

Gulfstream competes in a small market of manufacturers that offer airframes with ranges greater than 4,500 miles. Nonstop flights to East Asia from places like Denver or Las Vegas are no sweat for the aircraft in our fleet.

Clients choose ultra-long-range jets for the time they save by not having to stop for additional fuel loading between city pairings. A 12.5-hour flight in the air may seem like a long time, but you save hours by flying directly with no stops.


A major hurdle that ultra-long-range jets face is the airports where they can land and take off. The short runway lengths and reduced pavement strength at smaller airports are significant limiting factors. Heavy jets require more runway length and stronger pavement grades to support their weight.

Luckily for us, Gulfstream designs its airframes with these limitations in mind. The landing gear weight loads and associated takeoff and landing performance capabilities of Gulfstreams allow us to fly into and out of airports, which other heavy aircraft types simply cannot accomplish. There are only a few small airports worldwide where we cannot operate our aircraft.


The cabin space of our airframe allows us to take large groups of people (up to 16) near or far. We commonly operate regional city pairings, like New York to Chicago or Paris to Dublin, with larger groups of passengers aboard.

Some of our favorite flights are for entire families who use our aircraft for a weekend or holiday getaways. It makes a huge difference when you can fill an airplane to capacity and not feel like a sardine packed into a tin can.

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