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GV N5616 Added to GAC's Gulfstream Fleet

GV N5616GAC Adds Another Gulfstream V to the Fleet

Join us in welcoming N5616 to the GAC family. She’s a 14-passenger Gulfstream V with a newly refurbished interior. This makes four GVs in our fleet, giving our clients even greater access to ultra-long-range airframes and international routes.

N5616 is an excellent choice for business travel. With ATG-4000 wireless capabilities for high-speed data, five personal fold-out video monitors and one large credenza monitor. If you’re traveling with your entire C-suite, you’ll find it has ample cabin space to become a luxurious office for last-minute presentation prep.

For relaxing personal travel, N5616 sleeps six passengers and is equipped with Gogo Vision InFlight Entertainment. The seats, lower sidewall, carpet, and cockpit were all updated in 2019, so N5616 will deliver the modern elegance you’d expect in a GV.

GAC has strategically decided to focus on ultra-long-range airframes as we add to our fleet. Check out more details on all our airframes, and let us know about your upcoming travel plans so we can get you there in style.

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