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Holiday Travel Destinations

Holiday Travel Destinations

Our top destinations for the 2023 holiday season are as exciting as they are unique

Some of our clients like to take advantage of the holidays for their usual family vacations, while others use the opportunity to try out new destinations. These five destinations are waiting for you to make new memories. Contact our flight coordinators today and book the holiday vacation of your dreams.

Cape Verde, Africa

A weeklong stay on one of Cape Verde’s (or Cabo Verde) islands will stoke your passion for adventure this holiday season. Cape Verde is a growing tourist hotspot but remains obscure to many travelers seeking exclusive escapes.

Discover what makes Cape Verde unique with a stay at Meliá Llana Beach Resort on the island of Sal. It’s a great place to unwind, but if you need a break from relaxation, we recommend sea cave diving and snorkeling.

If you’re a hiker, chartering a plane to Santiago for a day hike is an incredible experience. The people in Cape Verde are mostly fluent in English and very hospitable. If you decide to fly with us to Cape Verde this holiday season, bring a swimsuit, some hiking shoes, and an appetite for adventure!

Helsinki, Finland

As the unofficial home of Santa Claus himself, Finland is a beautiful and adventurous place to visit during the holiday season. Sure, Finland is cold during the winter, but those who have joined us for a holiday flight to Helsinki in years past have said: “If you pack a nice jacket and warm pants, you don’t even feel it.”

Helsinki is a Christmas-lover’s paradise! Christmas markets open all over the city in December and look like something out of a storybook. There are plenty of cultural activities and local holiday foods in Helsinki during this time of year. Try a sauna experience followed by a dip in the seaside pool at our favorite place: Allas Sea Pool.

From December 1–22, the Helsinki Christmas Market is open at the Senate Square. Stop in for local cuisine, gift shopping and holiday drinks. If you adore the holiday season, nostalgic experiences, and something different, Helsinki is just the place for you.

Mauritius, East Africa

You’ve never heard of Mauritius? You’re not alone. This island is a lush tropical paradise tucked off the eastern coast of Madagascar and northeast of Reunion Island. Mauritius is possibly one of the most underrated holiday destinations, and we hope this will pique your interest for a visit.

Like other islands in the Indian Ocean, tropical beauty is at its peak in Mauritius. It combines the picturesque beauty of azure waters and tropical rainforests with a vibrant nightlife — check out this photo gallery and prepare to be amazed. Once you’re ready to figure out dates for your trip, either call us directly or reach out to your broker for a quote.

Fairbanks, Alaska

This one is a little closer to home for some of us, yet Fairbanks feels like an exotic winter paradise in another world during the holiday season. US-based holiday jet setters might fall so much in love with Fairbanks that a week-long visit becomes a holiday tradition.

Few places in the world offer so many awesome winter activities. Want to see the aurora borealis? There’s a high chance of it. Want to see reindeer up close? Plenty of opportunities to do that. What about a hike into an opening inside a glacier? Yep, Fairbanks offers that as well.

One of the coolest and most luxurious places for a holiday stay in Fairbanks is the Aurora Villa, just 30 minutes north of downtown. If you’re looking for the perfect holiday adventure, pack your camera and some warm clothes and come with us to explore Fairbanks this year.

Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is ideal during November and December because the busy season for tourism begins in January and lasts through late April. If you’re the adventurous type and want something exotic, exclusive, and unique, then Easter Island should move to the top of your holiday wish list.

We love Easter Island for its natural volcanic beauty and the mystery surrounding the Moai statues. Our favorite hotel on Easter Island is Nayara Hangaroa, a luxurious and creative space perfect for setting out on days filled with adventure around the island. You will not forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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