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How to Charter a Private Jet

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If You’re Curious About Private Aviation, Here’s Your Complete Guide

Beginning in early 2021, first-time private jet fliers hit the market in droves. Demand quickly outpaced supply in the early years of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many first-time private jet setters are still trickling into the market in 2023.

Those new to private aviation are understandably filled with questions about the process, so we wanted to help clear up some FAQs regarding private jet travel.

Step 1: Understanding the Market

First-time private jet fliers might think it’s cheaper, in the long run, just to purchase their own jet. While this can be a smart choice for some, on-demand jet charter is a massive money saver for personal travel.

Chartering jets rather than buying one is a multi-million-dollar savings for most individuals and executive teams. Most people don’t fly enough in one year for jet ownership to pay off. When you fly a private charter, you can work with many aircraft operators under one trusted broker. This allows you to pick the right size jets for your variable travel needs.

A small Citation III might be a perfect jet for your weekend in the Hamptons, but it’s not quite what you’re looking for to get 13 people from the US to the UK. The highlight of private charter is flexibility in choosing your aircraft type, and it often results in massive cost savings over private jet ownership.

Step 2: Understanding Pricing

Private jets run on an hourly rate, and the rate will vary based on your aircraft. The smallest aircraft can run between $3,000–$6,000 per flight hour, whereas large cabin and long-range jets typically start north of $10,000.

Pricing is variable and dependent on the season, necessary reposition fees, and broker fees, making this aspect of private jet charter the trickiest for first-timers. Many of our first-time jet fliers who have formed relationships with trusted brokers have been surprised by how affordable private jets are when the cost is split among their group of travelers.

The most important step to take when chartering your first jet is to get in touch with a reputable broker:

Step 3: Picking a Broker

There are many reputable private jet brokers, and choosing the right one is a matter of doing a little research and seeing which ones offer a product that suits your needs.

Some brokers have jet card programs, while others negotiate prices with operators on each separate occasion. Some jet brokers have developed mobile apps, while others offer a more personalized and direct approach.

Finding the right broker is not always easy, but if you know what kind of amenities you like, it should help narrow down the field. Jet brokers thrive on return business, and we have long-standing reputations with many outstanding brokers worldwide. Reach out directly to us, and we will help you find a broker or refer you to our inside sales team if the shoe fits.

Step 4: Picking Your Jet

It’s important to understand that each jet you might choose from has a different price point and different characteristics. Small jets might be cramped for large groups but could be the perfect option to test the waters of private air travel for a small group. First-time charter fliers typically don’t go for the heavy iron like a Gulfstream or Global Express unless they want to fly internationally.

If you’re planning an international trip of more than 4,000 miles, it’s worth looking at your options within the long-range jet category. We have written numerous articles highlighting different private jet options on the market. Your broker will also help you make the most informed decision regarding which jet will suit your needs best.

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