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March Madness 2023: The Most Exciting Tournament in College Sports

Blog Image March Madness schedule 2023

Every year, the NCAA lights up the sporting world with the most exciting and prolific tournament in men’s basketball.

The spectacle travels from the coast (Sacramento, CA) to the coast (New York, NY). With plenty (12) of stops in between, making it accessible to anyone wanting to participate in March Madness.

The games play simultaneously in host cities across the country. Bringing with them the attention of international brand sponsors, NBA affiliates, and celebrities — and that means plenty of private jet traffic.

Private Charters are a March Madness Favorite

March Madness is a prime opportunity to utilize a reputable private jet broker and a reliable operator. We handle various requests for charters every year for March Madness, including from media personalities, sports commentators, families of the coaching staff, NBA players, and plenty of NCAA stakeholders and executives.

Chartering to and from any of the host cities is an efficient and personalized experience for our passengers. We love taking part in March Madness every year by flying our clients to the most exciting games of the tournament:

Dayton, Ohio (First Four, March 14 and 15)

    • The tourney begins in Dayton with a group of play-in matches for teams right on the bubble of qualifying for the 64-team field. Every basketball fanatic should experience the energy of the opening games of March Madness at least once.

Greensboro, North Carolina (First and Second Rounds, March 17 and 19)

    • Greensboro is a basketball-crazy town that promises to be a blowout host venue as the tournament moves into the opening rounds. The Greensboro Coliseum Complex has room for 22,000 spectators; you’ll never forget being one of them.

Las Vegas, Nevada (Sweet Sixteen, March 23 and 25)

    • The round of sixteen is where Cinderellas prove themselves and where favorites stake their claim to the title. What better city to host the drama than one built for entertainment? We think regional charter service to Las Vegas is a game-changer for sports fans.

Houston, Texas (Final Four, April 1 and 3)

  • This is what it all boils down to. The Final Four is a bucket-list event for sports fans, so plan ahead if you want to witness the two best teams in college basketball. Leave it all on the court for the NCAA National Championship Trophy.

Arrive in Style

No matter which game(s) you’re interested in attending, we will get you there in the best possible way — aboard your own GIV or GV aircraft. We will find the right airport in any host city that will best streamline your travel experience to the venue. You will surely be a showstopper when you arrive at the Final Four with us.

Large events like March Madness attract worldwide attention. And can become a travel headache without the attention to detail of a reputable operator. We’re well acquainted with events like these, well-suited, and eager to handle any logistical challenges.

Hence, why GAC partners with specific FBOs nationwide that help us get you to and from your aircraft and into the air most efficiently. Whether or not you are a frequent charter flier, we have the experience, flexibility and passion that allow us to provide a bespoke experience every time you charter one of our Gulfstream airframes.

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