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Mauritius Honeymoon

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A Romantic Week Awaits on this Pearl of the Indian Ocean

As your plane descends towards the glistening waters of the Indian Ocean, a speck of land grows into the breathtaking vista of Mauritius, an island nation poised off the southeastern coast of Africa. Ringed by ivory beaches and cobalt lagoons, Mauritius earns its reputation as a favorite honeymoon destination with its natural beauty and world-class amenities.

Global Air Charters regularly flies to several exotic locations in the Indian Ocean. Join us for a tour of Mauritius and see why it’s a favorite of honeymooners worldwide; then contact our flight coordinators to schedule your week in paradise.

Meet Mauritius

The history and culture of Mauritius are shaped by centuries of colonialism by Dutch, French, British, and even Arab settlers, with each leaving an indelible mark on the island. Today, Mauritian culture is a complex tapestry of these different influences, offering the kind of diversity rarely seen in nations of this size. This cultural mélange is evident in the Creole, French, English, and Asian languages spoken here. It’s also apparent in the dizzying array of culinary delights that await adventurous visitors, so don’t forget to bring your appetite.

The geography of Mauritius itself is a marvel of nature. The main island is a treasure trove of diverse landscapes, ranging from sugarcane fields to mountains cloaked in verdant forests. The beaches of Mauritius, framed by coral reefs, are tranquil sanctuaries. The turquoise lagoons offer a romantic backdrop perfect for newlyweds, while a web of hiking trails invites the more adventurous couples to explore the heart of the island’s natural splendor.

Mauritius is For Lovers

Why is Mauritius such a popular honeymoon destination? Picture yourself strolling hand in hand along the soft sands of Le Morne Beach, where the sun casts golden hues across the waters, or plunging into the crystal-blue waters off Blue Bay Beach. From the tranquil Pereybere Beach to the favored surfing spot at Tamarin Bay to the secluded Trou d’Argent Beach, each stretch of coastline on Mauritius offers an ideal backdrop to romance.

The culinary scene in Mauritius is where its storied cultural history comes into focus. Le Château de Bel Ombre is not merely a dining experience but a celebration of epicurean delights set in a colonial mansion, evocative of a bygone era. Sunshine Fusion offers a symphony of fresh seafood infused with a Mauritian twist—a melody of flavors that sing of the sea and the island’s bounty. Finally, for a flavorful and intimate soirée, Le Fangourin serves up unparalleled French-Creole fusion as enchanting as the tropical setting.

If lounging on the beach and indulging in fabulous food sounds like the ideal honeymoon, Mauritius is the perfect choice. For active and adventurous couples, however, the island offers so much more. Hike to the Chamarel Waterfalls for breathtaking cliffside views, swim with dolphins on a full-day excursion to the Tamarin Bay, immerse yourself in Mauritian history with a visit to the Red Church and the Château de Labourdonnais, and cap off your day with a stroll along the Le Caudan Waterfront before falling into bed in your luxurious beachside suite.

Mauritius Honeymoon

Mauritius offers something for every couple, whether you prefer the gentle lapping of the waves as you bask in the sun, a brisk hike through the island’s forested mountains, or dancing the night away after a sumptuous meal. Contact our flight coordinators today and make your honeymoon the romantic adventure of a lifetime with a charter flight to Mauritius.

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