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Millennial Jet Travel

Millennial Jet Travel

Affluent Young Adults Represent a Growing Demographic in the Demand for Private Jet Travel

TikTok stars, young celebrities, and new entrepreneurs continue to represent a growing demographic in the private air travel sector. Millennials are not only purchasing their own aircraft, they’re taking advantage of opportunities to book private charter flights with reputable jet brokers.

The flexibility and service offered by brokers and aircraft operators today give millennial jet setters a massive advantage in choosing how and when they fly. Millennials will continue to occupy more space in the demand for private air travel in the coming years.

Let’s explore why millennials are flying private and some of the changes happening to attract more of this young demographic into the market.

Adopting Current Tech to Book Flights

Brokers and operators with easy-to-use flight booking tools are likely to have the best market capture with the growing millennial demographic. Contactless methods of scheduling on-demand charter are growing in popularity as millennials look for the most seamless experiences possible within the industry.

Brokers and operators alike offer these types of contactless services already and many others are working to conform their booking experience to this kind of demand. On-demand booking tools help millennials access a variety of aircraft types which satisfies the demand for even greater flexibility in private jet travel.

Generational Shifts in Private Air Travel

Millennials will continue to make up an even larger segment of business owners with vested interests internationally. This fact alone is contributing to the continued shift toward millennial-driven demand in the ultra-long-range market.

Social media-savvy influencers with established brand partnerships and significant online followership are also driving the new demand. Private jet travel continues to be a status symbol and an efficient tool to meet the demands of millennial clients. As more millennials realize the tactical advantages of flying private, there is an expectation for continued growth among this demographic.

Climate Consciousness

Many recent studies point towards millennials as being the most climate change-conscious travelers flying today, by a significant margin. Carbon footprint offset programs will continue to influence whether millennials choose certain brokers and operators over others.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel initiatives and tree planting programs are just two examples of how operators are offsetting their carbon footprint to attract younger clients. In an industry rife with criticism over wastefulness, taking part in positive environmental impacts is how our industry will continue to evolve to remain a viable solution for young jet setters.

Sharing in the Experience of Private Air Travel

The millennial generation is known for certain group characteristics like creativity, social consciousness, and being task oriented. They are typically networked into peer groups and thrive on shared experiences within them. It is not uncommon for millennial leaders to have meaningful relationships with competitors in their respective markets.

Sure, millennials like to share experiences in the digital space, but more than that, millennials thrive on in-person relationship building to a greater extent than past generations. This is most notable among social media personalities with connections to others in a similar position.

This leads to unique opportunities for young entrepreneurs and business leaders to share in the experience of travel for both business and leisure. While it is uncommon for total strangers to fly together in a chartered aircraft, it does happen. Millennials are likely to be the demographic most accepting of this kind of arrangement to share both the expense and the experience with each other.

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