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NBA Finals 2022: This Summer’s Big Ticket for Private Charters

NBA Finals 2022 basketballThe NBA season is closing, and basketball fans are hotly anticipating which teams will end up in the playoffs. There are a few spots that still need to be clinched. Miami leads the Eastern Conference at press time, and Phoenix leads the West.

The NBA Finals 2022 will be played in two yet-to-be-determined cities, the homes of the conference champions. The conference playoffs won’t be settled for another month, but that’s not a problem for private charters. Therefore, If you plan to attend any of the NBA Finals 2022 series, you can still book an airframe for you and your party months in advance.

Schedule a Flight, Change the Destination

A private charter is all about flexibility. You can book a flight from your departure point and leave your destination undecided. In fact, we encourage our brokers to inform their clients about this because not knowing where you’re going can be a barrier to securing a jet.

The Finals will begin on June 2, 2022. So, that’s plenty of time for us to work with you in finalizing your travel plans once the locations are set.

The Right Jet to Suit Your Needs

In brief, if you plan to attend one or several games with a group of nine or more, getting the right jet for maximum comfort for large groups is essential. We operate a fleet of large-cabin Gulfstream IV and Gulfstream V airframes perfect for larger groups. A G-IV or GV are popular options for their versatility and long-range capabilities. Even if you’re traveling light. Gulfstream airframes represent the pinnacle of the private jet experience. In fact, we can think of no better venue than the NBA Finals 2022 for an unforgettable and luxurious travel experience.

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