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Coast to Coast: Flying From New York City
to Los Angeles in a GV

Jet On the flight path of New York to Los Angeles

The Gulfstream V offers the best in comfort, speed, and style for transcontinental jet charters

New York to Los Angeles is an iconic flight path. There has been strong demand for this route from business travelers, entertainers, and the flying public for decades.

Today, we regularly operate flights from New York directly to Los Angeles on our G-IV and GV airframes. The demand for flights from N.Y. to L.A. on private jets has been steady even as total demand for other city pairings and international travel has exploded during the past three years. Why are flights between New York and Los Angeles so popular? We wanted to explore some of those reasons:

Business Travel

Perhaps you are in a position of executive leadership within your organization, and you need to be in Los Angeles by the afternoon after a morning spent in New York. Many savvy executives know that physically being present to make company decisions, engage with partners, or communicate directly with other executives is essential to longevity.

Monday through Wednesday morning meetings and Thursday/Friday afternoon closings are a big part of Western business culture and are the primary driver for a CEO’s need to be on both coasts daily. Access to the space, speed, and elegance of a GV reduces the inherent stress of travel, so you, as a leader at your firm, are ready to perform when the time comes.


The world’s biggest entertainers in the 21st century are known as jetsetters. Musicians, star athletes, actors, and actresses have done their part over the years to establish the allure of private jet travel. When celebrities charter a private jet from New York to Los Angeles, they can travel knowing that being removed from the public eye is an opportunity to unwind.

Today, it is not uncommon for our celebrity guests to use one of our airframes so they can be present as a guest for late-night television in New York and make it to Los Angeles in time for the screening of a new movie that same evening.

Family Vacations and Leisure

For those who travel with family semi-regularly for vacations, the GV is like a living room in the sky. We love having families travel with us from New York to Los Angeles and making our airframe feel like home. The best part about chartering a private jet from New York to Los Angeles for family outings is the flexibility of departure and arrival points.

Both cities offer many options for airports capable of handling a G-IV or GV. If your family vacations require heavy packing and ample luggage space, you will be happy to know that your cabin space will not be hindered by bags stored on seats. The baggage hold of our Gulfstream fleet can store luggage for 13 or more passengers, plus golf clubs! This feature has been a significant selling point for large family outings to the Los Angeles metro area.

Saving Precious Time

Gulfstream is a world-renowned manufacturer of best-in-class large cabin jets. The ubiquitous presence of these airframes speaks volumes for their dependability and popularity among discerning jetsetters worldwide. The G-IVs and GVs we have operated for over seven years fly higher and faster than most other jets that compete in the large cabin category. The advantages of flying higher and faster are many:

    1. Getting around (over the top of) weather. Flying higher than 43,000 feet affords us the option to circumnavigate bad weather by flying right over the top of it where the air is smooth. Jets flying at lower altitudes must often deviate around weather systems, which adds unwanted time to your flight.


    1. Saving fuel is another advantage of choosing Gulfstream. The higher we fly, the faster we go while burning significantly less fuel. As environmentally conscious operators, we take pride in “sipping” from our fuel tanks as we fly rather than “guzzling” from them at lower altitudes.


  1. Escaping headwinds is another tremendous advantage when flying over 43,000 feet. Flying from New York to Los Angeles is notorious for strong headwinds that are like trying to swim upstream. Above 43,000 feet, the Jetstream is lighter, and the headwinds are drastically reduced, which means less airtime.

We proudly offer G-IVs and GVs for transcontinental routes like New York to Los Angeles. Demand for our airframes has been strong, and the fleet will be growing soon as we look to add more GVs in the coming months.

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