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New Zealand Wine Tour

New Zealand Wine Tour

Here’s Where to Sip from the Finest Vines on the South Island

Embarking on a winery tour of New Zealand’s South Island is a journey into a world of breathtaking landscapes and exquisite wines. This region, known for its diverse climates and terrain, produces some of the world’s most celebrated wines.

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New Zealand is a wine lover’s paradise, and several local tour guides offer personalized tours of the South Island’s finest wineries. If you want to see the island’s wineries at your own pace, allow us to offer a few suggestions.


Sauvignon blanc is the grape that put New Zealand on the winemaking map, and Marlborough, the region at the northeast corner of the South Island, is the region where it shines.

We begin our journey at Cloudy Bay Vineyards, a pioneer in the industry, that offers a tasting experience that showcases its flagship wines against the stunning backdrop of the Richmond Range.

Next, Brancott Estate is a testament to innovation in winemaking. As the first vineyard to plant sauvignon blanc in Marlborough, Brancott Estate now offers visitors panoramic views of the Wairau Valley and a chance to explore the history and evolution of New Zealand wine.

Yealands Estate, another Marlborough gem, is renowned for its commitment to sustainability. The winery’s eco-friendly practices are as impressive as their award-winning wines, particularly their distinctive sauvignon blanc.


In the cooler climate of Canterbury, the region surrounding the city of Christchurch, Pegasus Bay Winery offers a lush experience with its beautiful gardens and natural amphitheater. This family-run vineyard in Waipara Valley is known for its aromatic wines and a delectable food pairing experience at its on-site restaurant.

Black Estate Restaurant & Cellar Door in Waipara, North Canterbury, stands out for its organic practices and striking architecture. The wines here, especially their pinot noir and chardonnay, reflect the unique terroir of the region, and the winery’s commitment to natural wine production is evident in every sip.

Central Otago

At the southern extreme of the South Island, Central Otago is the world’s southernmost wine region and arguably its most scenic. Rippon Vineyard near Wanaka enchants visitors with its biodynamically farmed vineyards and breathtaking views of Lake Wanaka. Rippon’s pinot noir is a must-try, offering a true taste of the region’s distinctive terroir.

In the heart of Central Otago, Felton Road captures the essence of the region with its organic and biodynamic winemaking practices. Known for their expressive pinot noirs and chardonnays, Felton Road provides an enlightening tasting experience that is both educational and entertaining.

Mt. Difficulty in Bannockburn offers a quintessential Central Otago experience. Famous for its robust pinot noirs, the winery provides a magnificent setting to enjoy some of the finest wines of the region, with panoramic views of the rugged landscape.

The boutique vineyard at Two Paddocks in Alexandra, owned by actor Sam Neill, focuses on producing high-quality pinot noir. The intimate nature of this winery, combined with its passion for sustainable farming, makes for a unique and personal wine-tasting adventure.

Finally, we conclude our journey at Chard Farm near Queenstown. This winery, situated on the breathtaking edge of the Kawarau Gorge, is another vintner known for its exceptional pinot noir, along with truly wonderful lines of chardonnay and sauvignon blanc.

New Zealand Wine Tours

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or an enthusiastic novice, these wineries in South Island promise an enriching, memorable, and delightful experience. Contact our flight coordinators today to plan your ultimate wine-tasting adventure.

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