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NYC to Chicago Flights: Travel in a Large Cabin Business Jet

NYC to Chicago FlightsGulfstream Aircraft Provide Ample Space and Comfort for Executive Transport

If you are looking for a reputable charter organization to move your leadership team, then you recognize the precious commodity of time spent on business travel. If your firm has an established relationship with a jet broker, you likely charter private airframes no less than five times annually.

New York City to Chicago is undoubtedly one of the most popular routes flown by business travelers whose industries are as diverse as the needs of their management teams. Reputable charter organizations understand the flexibility needed by business travelers, and only some can also offer large cabin airframes for maximum client comfort.

Why Large Cabin Jets Are Used for Business Travel

Routes like NYC to Chicago flights are not long. This begs the question: why should I charter a large cabin business airframe for relatively short trips? The simple answer is comfort. Getting to your next city for a meeting or business deal is inherently challenging, and the time spent doing this can weigh heavily on your firm’s balance sheet when all is said and done.

Furthermore, midsize business jets, common among conglomerate charter firms, can cause larger executive teams to feel cramped in. Moving VIPs requires a high level of attention to detail that can be difficult for internal personnel to coordinate or fully understand. If you need to arrange an airframe for a route like NYC to Chicago, then a professionally managed Gulfstream IV or V is worth a closer look.

It’s Out of Your Hands. Focus on What Matters Most.

If your organization does not already partner with a jet broker or directly with a charter operator, then making travel arrangements will require more administrative legwork. Even transportation as seemingly benign as NYC to Chicago flights can become a days-long process to coordinate.

That is why we strongly encourage companies to work with charter organizations and brokers specializing in the detail-saturated task of handling executive transport. All you will need to do is communicate the specific needs of your organization’s travel plans, and we will make it happen at the most competitive price point.

The Subtle Aspects of Large Cabins

The travel experience in a large cabin jet from New York to Chicago provides both amenities and services that are atypical of light and midsize business jets:


Large cabin business jets quickly become refined and elegant workspaces for your team to use valuable travel time to firm up plans, accomplish last-minute tasks, or work independently in separate quarters.

Cabin Service

Our Gulfstreams are staffed by courteous, professional cabin attendants who see to the personal needs of our clients during the flight. Your cabin attendant takes care of refreshments, in-flight meals, or anything else your team requires. In-flight service like this is sometimes overlooked. But pampering your executive team even a little bit helps them to perform at their best upon arrival.

The WOW Factor

Aside from all the logistical reasons to charter, a large cabin airframe has the less tangible but equally important quality of being a status symbol. There are few feelings quite like stepping off the biggest airplane at the executive terminal. When a Gulfstream IV or V taxis in, it turns heads. Letting your clients or partners know you mean business is easily communicated by choosing one of these airframes for your travel needs.

Travel Heavy. Large Cabin Business Jets Can Haul It All.

The baggage space on a large cabin airframe is ample and leaves room for large teams to occupy the space meant for them. When you charter a light or midsize jet, bags end up in laps, and there is less room to move about the cabin. Our clients love our large cabin airframes and the ability to store belongings in the spacious baggage compartment safely. We take great pride in handling and transporting the delicate equipment required by your team. Even on short flights from New York to Chicago, we have made full use of the baggage area for our clients traveling with heavy equipment.

Do you have questions about private charter flights? Contact us today and we’ll personally show you the difference.