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Oahu Food Tour

Oahu Food Tour

Join GAC for a Taste of Hawaii’s Capital Island

Hawaiian cuisine reflects the diverse food history of settlement and immigration in the Hawaiian Islands, from the earliest Polynesian explorers to the plantation-era influences of international workers and European colonists.

Today, visitors to Hawaii enjoy a range of culinary choices, from traditional dishes to fusion cuisines that merge Asian, Polynesian, and Western menus in surprising and delightful new ways. There’s no better place to begin your gastro-historical adventure than Oahu, home to Hawaii’s capital city of Honolulu and a dizzying array of traditional and modern options for food lovers of every taste.

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Native Hawaiian Cuisine

Hawaii’s indigenous fare is deeply connected to the land and sea, and it relies heavily on the kinds of foods available to the ancient Hawaiians. Notable traditional dishes include poi (a staple made from taro root), laulau (meat or fish wrapped in taro leaves and steamed), poke (seasoned raw fish), and kalua pig (pork cooked in an underground oven called an imu). During your stay in Honolulu, indulge in the poke from Tamashiro Market, a favorite dining spot among generations of locals.

The Plantation Era

19th-century sugarcane and pineapple plantations required an influx of workers, attracting Portuguese, Filipino, and European immigrants, while international trade connected Hawaii with China, Japan, and other parts of Southeast Asia. For a taste of this era of Hawaiian history, stop in at The Hibachi Bar and Grill to sample the loco moco (white rice topped with a hamburger patty, a fried egg, and brown gravy), the spam musubi (a slice of grilled Spam on top of a block of rice, wrapped with nori) or savory noodle dishes such as saimin (a noodle soup dish influenced by Japanese ramen, Chinese mein, and Filipino pancit).

Modern Local Hawaii Cuisine

Today, Hawaii’s innovative chefs blend local ingredients and traditional dishes with the vast spectrum of flavors and cooking methods brought by Hawaii’s diverse immigrant communities. This modern local Hawaii cuisine artfully combines old traditions with new interpretations. Taste them for yourself at Roy’s Waikiki, where past and present meet in delicious harmony. Here, the culinary tapestry weaves local produce with global techniques, creating a dining experience that is distinctively Hawaiian and undeniably contemporary.

Save Room for the Luau

A luau is not just a feast; it’s a festive celebration of Hawaiian culture and hospitality. Hawaiian natives embrace luau cuisine as a jubilant expression of the islands’ bounty, with multiple courses punctuated by music and dancing performers. The luau tradition lives on at Paradise Cove in Kapolei, where guests indulge in the creamy sweetness of haupia coconut pudding, explore the many facets of traditional poke, and top it off with a heaping serving of the iconic kalua pig. Between the food, the music, and the dancing, a luau engages all the senses. No visit to Hawaii is complete without attending a luau!

Journey Through Hawaiian History with a Charter Flight to Oahu

There’s no place quite like Hawaii, where the culinary traditions weave a flavorful narrative of the island’s history and culture. From the ubiquitous poke bowls to upscale fusion, Oahu offers something to suit every palate and every mood.

Escape to Hawaii this winter for an unbeatable culinary adventure. Call our flight coordinators today to arrange your charter flight to Oahu.

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