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Partnership with Wyvern Ltd.

Partnership with Wyvern Ltd.

Global Air Charters is now registered with the leading aviation safety and oversight firm

Brokers consider many factors when choosing operators to partner with. Operational safety always comes first, however, and having a thorough internal safety program, detailed aircraft maintenance, and excellent flight crew training only gets charter operators so far.

Partnering with an oversight and safety analytics firm like Wyvern Ltd. assures operators that they exceed the safety standards set by the FAA and ICAO. Wyvern’s long history of helping to establish the high standards expected of modern air travel has propelled them into rare territory as they continue to bring operators into the fold.

We are happy to have Global Air Charters registered with Wyvern as a testament to what we have accomplished as a growing charter firm dedicated to both safety and excellence.

About Wyvern Ltd.

Wyvern has been in the business of aviation safety and oversight since 1991 and has established its reputation as the most trusted safety consultant and external auditor in the industry.

The company maintains relationships with the world’s best providers of on-demand aircraft charters and brokerage firms, providing a full suite of resources to build safety programs tailored to each registered organization.

In addition, Wyvern provides objective and trustworthy compliance oversight to ensure objective standards uphold with regular safety audits. When operators register with Wyvern Ltd., they have access to a broader segment of the charter market, which has recently seen explosive growth in demand.

Safety Conformity

For the last eight years, we have developed and refined our internal Safety Management System using the resources of internal personnel who have industry experience with flight safety and compliance. What is different now, and moving forward, is that our method of safety record keeping and our objective safety standards must conform to the more widely recognized Wyvern system.

Moreover, With Wyvern’s SMS software, we can better ensure that each flight meets the standard agreed upon by the safest operators in our industry. Evidently, This will give our clients and brokers the peace of mind that we strive for the safest operations in the business. Utilizing the Wyvern SMS software and being subjected to external audits reflects our continued commitment to excellence.

Increased Visibility

This new partnership makes Global Air Charters more accessible to brokers who exclusively book their clients on flights with operators registered with a safety consultancy like Wyvern. We expect that being registered will help expand our market cap so we can continue to grow our worldwide operation.

Our commitment to customer safety and hospitality has fueled tremendous growth for us. Our personal touch will go a long way to create happy clients and future opportunities with new broker partners we will encounter thanks to Wyvern Ltd.

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