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Pilot Expertise in Private Travel is the Best in the Industry

Pilot Expertise Matters: Private Charter Flight Crews Are the Most Experienced in the Industry

The operation of an aircraft is quite simple when taken at face value. Your pilots jump into their seats, press a couple of buttons, and the airplane comes to life in seconds. Your flight attendant(s) greet you as you board and offer up an assortment of refreshments to make you feel right at home. Once the aircraft begins to taxi to the runway, your flight attendant(s) ensure you buckled into your seat safely. After takeoff, you are effortlessly transported to some unknown altitude. Oh, wait! A screen in the main cabin tells your exact elevation and speed. It is so elegantly simple, you might think, for your flight crew to safely deliver you from point A to point B.

A Well-Choreographed Dance

When you charter a long-range private jet like a Gulfstream IV or Gulfstream V, you expect this kind of simplicity. The hassle-free experience of a private jet is worth its price tag in the time it saves you.

Typically, what you do not see leading up to your flight are our preparations as professional flight crews. A dispatcher team creates flight plans. The flight crew ensures catering is onboard and the fuel tanks are full. Additionally, your pilots review the flight route. Many of the tasks happen days ahead of your journey. Others must take place just before departure. A well-choreographed dance of activity conducted by experienced professionals results in a seemingly simple experience. Additionally, the flight crews of long-range private jets have years of industry experience. This coordination and experience help us achieve our goal: getting you safely to your destination comfortably and seamlessly.

pilot expertiseWe Wear Many Hats

As you can guess, the average day for your flight crew is far from mundane. To safely accomplish a flight, we must do many different jobs to coordinate the activities that lead to an on-time departure and a safe flight. Moreover, charter aircraft operators tend to be small to mid-size companies with limited support staff to handle the logistics of getting an airplane ready to cross an ocean. This need for crew flexibility is why the expertise of your flight crew is so critical in ensuring everything goes off without a hitch. That said, there is not much we haven’t seen with years of flight service behind us. Over several years, the sum experience accumulated leads to a comfortable and seamless flight for our valued clients.

Pilot Expertise Results in Safe Flights

One last factor to drive home is that safety is our number one concern in the aviation industry. We will always put the safety of both you and ourselves before comfort or convenience.

Private jet flight crews are well-trained to identify and eliminate potential hazards wherever they may occur. Furthermore, our years of experience operating aircraft in various climates and international territories help us make decisions that eliminate safety threats. Other safety issues can be planned for and handled while in flight. One example is navigating around a strong thunderstorm. Before each flight, your captain or first officer will give you a safety rundown to ensure you are familiar with the emergency equipment onboard our Gulfstream aircraft. Safety is priority number one, and the professional flight crews who operate our fleet play a vital role in maintaining our safety culture in private aviation.

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