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Private Jet Comparison

Private Jet Comparison

Bombardier, Dassault, or Gulfstream? How to pick a long-range jet for your next big trip

When booking a private jet, there are a few items worth considering that will help you make your experience nothing short of outstanding. Before booking an aircraft for your client or contacting your broker about a jet for your own travel needs, it’s best to have a framework to consider.

We know that, for every client, there is an ideal aircraft with performance capabilities appropriate to the route of flight that also feels like an extension of home. Ask yourself these three simple questions to help determine which aircraft is right for you.

Gulfstream (G-IV, G-V, G550)

For almost every private jet flier, there is a Gulfstream model that will get the job done. Even older Gulfstream IVs flown by reputable charter firms hold up considerably well from an aesthetic and comfort perspective.

We love Gulfstream’s versatile cabin layout — it can be made to feel like a living room, a chic cocktail lounge, or an office.

  • Do I value making a statement with my jet?

Yes: Gulfstreams are iconic and recognizable. They usually have the widest wingspan of any other jet on the ramp. You will be noticed whenever you fly on a GIV, GV, or G550.

No: Then a Gulfstream might not be your ideal jet. These are not subtle airframes. Some fliers don’t like to make a scene, and we get that.

  • Do I need to be comfortable while flying with a large group?

Yes: Older Gulfstreams might not work, but newer GVs or G550s could work. If you’re with a large group (16 or more), and you all have a lot of luggage, you will be pushing the capacity of these airframes.

No: If you’re flying for business, or just a shorter flight of 3 hours or less, then most Gulfstreams should do an excellent job flying you and up to 16 other people. Just don’t plan on having as much space to recline in your seat as you might be used to. Most Gulfstream types provide enough space to conduct business as you fly.

  • Do I need to get there fast?

Yes: Gulfstream Vs and G550s are quick machines, but most long-range private jets are similar in speed today. The Gulfstream 550 tops out at Mach .88, or around 650 mph, which is relatively fast, certainly faster than commercial airliners.

No: Not a problem. The average Gulfstream cruising speed in these same models is around Mach .83, or approximately 580 mph.

Dassault Falcon (FA900, FA7X, FA8X)

Falcons are wonderful long-range jets for someone looking for a modern aesthetic. Falcon’s line of long-range jet types debuted in the 1980s and became an instant and fierce competitor with Bombardier and Gulfstream.

Like Gulfstreams, Falcon jets have variable interior layouts to accommodate individual preferences. Having a third engine is a unique benefit to Falcons — it provides even greater safety margins than a twin-jet aircraft and comes with a marginal speed improvement.

  • Do I value making a statement with my jet?

Yes: A Falcon 7X or 8X will undoubtedly do that. Private jets with three engines tend to stand out among others.

No: The long-range Falcon fleet is slightly more subtle than a Gulfstream, but they still make an impact. The smaller wingspan of a Falcon takes the edge off the intense ramp presence some jets have.

  • Do I need to be comfortable while flying with a large group?

Yes: Falcons are notoriously roomy, so if you are traveling with a large group, the Falcon 7X and 8X are worth considering. Double-check the layout of your specific airframe, however. Some Falcons are furnished differently, which could make things feel cramped.

No: Falcon 900, 7X, and 8X jets offer a more modern interior perfect for business flights. For some fliers, the contemporary aesthetic is more appealing than excess space alone.

  • Do I need to get there fast?

Yes: The FA7X set a record in 2014 by flying from New York to London in just 5 hours and 54 minutes! But be advised that Falcons operating near their maximum speed have a significantly reduced range.

No: Falcons offer much in the way of comfort and space, but to get the most efficient performance out of them, a slower speed than a G550 is typically required.

Bombardier Global Express (GLT5, GLEX, GL7T)

Bombardier’s Global Express program has been around since the late 1990s and established an early reputation for itself as a Gulfstream competitor. The program is a joint effort between BMW Rolls Royce, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Canadair, making it a one-of-a-kind product in the long-range market.

Global Express jets are among the longest and largest long-range private jets available today. The Global 7500 even has room for up to 19 passengers!

  • Do I value making a statement with my jet?

Yes: Global Express jets are the biggest on the market, and big jets make a statement.

No: A Global Express might not be for you, as making a big impression is a major selling point of these airframes.

  • Do I need to be comfortable while flying with a large group?

Yes: A Global Express will easily accomplish that task. You’ll be able to take 17 people and still have room to move around with ease.

No: Global Express jets are among the most expensive to operate. Chartering a Falcon or Gulfstream instead will save you money if extra space isn’t necessary.

  • Do I need to get there fast?

Yes: Most Global Express aircraft fly around Mach .85 (roughly 590 mph), which is good news for those with a need for speed.

No: If you don’t need the extra speed and you’d like to save some money, opt for a Gulfstream 550 instead. Most operators fly them at around 540 mph for fuel efficiency and lower operating costs.

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