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Private Jet vs. First Class

Private Jet vs. First Class

Some advantages of flying private aren’t obvious until you’ve done it

For many, air travel is synonymous with security lines, stifling crowds, and bad customer service. As operators of large-cabin private jets, we are fortunate to introduce people to a much different world. We help our clients discover the simplicity, elegance, and excitement of flying private.

We often hear remarks from our newest clients about the simplicity of their experience with us. Getting to the aircraft can be as easy as pulling your vehicle right up next to it. Private executive terminals are also a more relaxing environment if you arrive early or need a place to wait for ground transport.

Conventional air travel complexity is a breeding ground for stress, and flying private is beautifully simple. New clients find out about private air travel through a variety of means, but many end up being brought on their first flight by someone else; usually a friend or colleague. No matter how new clients find us, we never get tired of introducing them to a more elevated experience.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Flying private remains an exclusive privilege even as certain segments of the market have become more affordable. High demand has kept quotes for chartered jets at a relative premium, however.

The simple truth is that flying private will remain financially out of reach for most people who would otherwise make the switch. There are some creative ways that individuals can fly private at a fraction of the cost, but certain methods require adjusting their travel schedule significantly to take advantage of them.

Choosing a Private Jet vs First Class doesn’t always require a scientific approach or a cost/benefit analysis. Considering the pros and cons of switching to private air travel is an easy place to start for most.

Pros: Convenience, simplicity, time-saving, tailored service, comfort, flexibility, privacy

Cons: Expensive, appears excessive, finding the right broker

People switch to private air travel for personal and specific reasons that suit their needs. Some universal qualities enjoyed by our clients, however, are the time-saving aspect of private air travel, the comfort, and of course, the convenience. Time is our most precious asset and it’s often overlooked by newcomers deciding whether private air travel would be right for them.

Private jets often bring clients to and from smaller airports that are closer to home. Relaxation is also much easier to achieve on board a chartered jet rather than in a first-class seat on a major air carrier.

Stripping Private Air Travel Down to Brass Tacks

The core of our business is repeat clients who, at one time or another, made the switch to private air travel. When charter clients find a reliable operator and/or broker, they tend to stick with them. For our repeat fliers, flying private is also the most practical travel solution given the stressful and time-consuming alternative.

For some, private air travel seems excessive and is cause for reservations about ever trying it. The reality is that private air travel is often a point of practicality for high-net-worth individuals with complicated lifestyles.

Getting from A to B on a private jet is simpler, more comfortable, and more refreshing than any first-class travel experience in the commercial airline market. When you charter a private jet, you’re paying to save time and arrive at your destination having been in a better condition at every point of your journey.

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