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Reinvesting Assets into Our Aircraft Ensures the Ultimate Experience for Our Clients

Why was GAC’s most popular Gulfstream-IV refurbished?

Reinvesting Assets JC Aircraft GAC Global Air Charters
N171JC’s cabin recieved a refresh.

Global Air Charters is reinvesting assets to refurbish our jets for an unbeatable experience onboard.

N171JC, one of our 1993 Gulfstream IV aircraft, recently went to the beauty salon, so to speak. It received a gorgeous new interior, coupled with a fresh new paint job. The 16-passenger cabin aircraft has been our clients’ favorite for years, so we decided to give it a much-deserved refresh.

Aircraft interiors have wear and tear just like everything else, and N171JC is no exception. N171JC has been flying since 1993, and we felt it was time to update the airplane. The experts at Okeechobee Painting Center delivered GAC a refurbished plane that is sure to impress.

N171jc GAC Global Air Charters seat brow leather Reinvesting Assets
N171JC’s new leather seats.

Why refurbish a jet?

Airplanes like N171JC have been flying for many years, and flight crews have meticulously maintained the interior to ensure our clients’ have a relaxing flying experience. Mechanically, the aircraft is about seven years old, given the frequency that components are serviced and updated. Airplanes begin to show signs of age in two places: the passenger cabin and the paint protecting the aircraft’s exterior. With this refurbishment, N171JC reflects the style in which GAC likes to operate a private aircraft charter. Refurbishing an entire aircraft is more cost-effective in many cases. It also allows our team to offer our brokers and clients a better product at the best price.

Is refurbishing an aircraft worth the cost?Reinvesting Assets N171JC

It depends on whether your organization is in the business of providing light jets, midsize, or long-range jets for your brokers and clients. If you have a light jet or a long-range jet that looks a little worn, then reinvesting assets in refurbishment might be the most cost-effective option. Airplanes in both the short and long-range market segments are worth refurbishing. On the other hand, midsize jets like Challengers and some Citations are in a market segment where refurbishment might not be your best choice. Therefore, purchasing a new midsize jet is often the way to stay competitive when you’re operating a common aircraft type.

Take an objective look at the aircraft in your fleet and get feedback from your clients and brokers. Do passengers feel comfortable when they fly with you? Are your interior details still appealing to your customers? Additionally, does your aircraft present well as it taxis from the runway to the executive terminal? These are all significant factors to consider staying viable in this competitive industry.

What do a new coat of paint and a new interior mean for passengers?

What jet a customer decides to charter usually depends on how far they want to go. The next significant factor in choosing a jet is the aircraft’s ability to reflect the personality and taste of your client. Additionally, having an aircraft with a beautiful exterior that can turn heads is part of the elegance associated with a private jet charter. An aircraft with a modern interior means comfort. For business fliers, this comfort means productivity and a sense of accomplishment upon arrival at the destination. For the pleasure fliers, the comfort of a modern cabin means relaxation and a sense of refreshment upon reaching the destination. The exterior is your client’s first impression, and the interior seals the deal on whether they will be flying with you in the future.