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Revenge Travel: How to Maximize the Advantages of a Private Charter Flight

Enjoy Life After the Pandemic with Revenge Travel

Revenge Travel - Carribbean

As the world begins to return to normal, after the first year of COVID-19, travelers are taking part in the revenge travel trend. It may be a trend you want to take part in.

What Is Revenge Travel

Revenge travel is the idea of taking back what COVID-19 has taken from so many of us; the fulfilling experience of going to new places. There is cautious optimism that international travel will see a significant upswing as vaccine rollout continues. Travel industry professionals expect traveler volume to increase as people look towards the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. Travelers are excited and ready to take their revenge and get back to checking off those bucket-list destinations. We have already been working with clients like you who are seeking unforgettable revenge travel experiences.

3 Advantages of Flying Private as You Revenge Travel

The first significant advantage you gain when chartering a jet is safety. Travel by air is already the safest mode of transport. It can be even safer when you eliminate the risk of being shoulder to shoulder with strangers. The CDC is still recommending that vaccinated individuals take precautions to protect themselves while in close contact with other people. When you charter a private flight, you’re completely removing the elevated level of infection risk.

The second advantage for private charter travelers is the ability to touch down where you want to, rather than being restricted to large airports. In the private charter business, we get you closer to your final destination than anyone else can. Say goodbye to the stress of lengthy transportation from the airport to your destination. Arranging any ground transportation needs fall under the umbrella of our responsibility. This allows you and your party to remain focused on your ultimate travel goal: taking “revenge,” and maximizing the joy of new experiences.

The third advantage you have by flying private is the opportunity to have a tailored travel experience unlike any other. If ‘you’re going to seize the opportunity on the travel you’ve been missing, we believe you should do it with some flair. Allow us to take your ideal travel experience and bring it to life. We handle anything from individual catering and cocktail menu requests to celebratory aircraft decor. If it’s revenge travel you’re looking for, we’re happy to help you deliver the knock-out punch.

Revenge Travel - Meetings

Where Revenge Travelers Are Going

Revenge travelers are visiting locations across the globe. Some are choosing old favorites, while others are selecting entirely new places to enjoy.

The European Union is taking a methodical and cautious approach to opening its borders to foreign travel this summer. Greece will be a significant hotspot for revenge travelers. Despite its popularity, we know that there are numerous Greek islands to tuck yourself into for an exclusive getaway. Other countries, such as Germany, France, and the Netherlands, are still undergoing the arduous process of determining when and how they will allow visitors again.

Puerto Rico has already seen a significant rebound in revenge travelers and vacationers. It’s no surprise that it is a popular location, thanks to its relaxed restrictions. Other places, such as the US and the British Virgin Islands, are now letting people visit. Saint Thomas is an island that has seen slower growth in travel; it might be worth the visit if you want some revenge travel with the bonus of lighter crowds.

<strong>South America</strong>
Numerous countries in South America remain unopened to foreign travel due to high COVID-19 caseloads and new variants affecting high-density populations. Brazil, on the other hand, has opened its borders. However, elevated crime rates and the risk of COVID-19 infections have lead to the US Bureau of Consular Affairs discouraging travel there. Ecuador and the Galapagos islands are less densely populated, with limited major airline service, so they may be ideal options. If a Galapagos adventure sounds like the right fit for you, we can get you there.

China is the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, and most areas surrounding the country remain strict with allowing travel in and out. However, we have identified two locations as ideal revenge travel getaways: the Maldives and Nepal. Both of these locations are open to tourism, and commercial air service has resumed. Either of these locations are exclusive, exotic, and would help create a revenge travel story unlike any other.

Please reach out to us about other locations open to travel. The situation is dynamic from country to country. If ‘you’re chartering a jet, you have the advantage of selecting where you want to be and getting there hassle-free.

Is Revenge Travel Right For You

As you prepare to get back to the experiences you’ve missed the past year, remember that we are here to take care of your every need. We pay special attention to the particular local requirements and ensure the smoothest possible transition from the airstairs to your destination. Revenge travel has the benefit of personal fulfillment, as well as the potential for new business opportunities. As countries reopen and revenge travelers start filling the skies, we’re seeing new ventures on the horizon for entrepreneurs. So, if it’s a getaway you are looking for or a client you want to dazzle, we know for certain that chartering your next flight will be the winner’s choice.

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