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Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

Join us on a tour of one of the most unusual and exciting golf experiences in the country

The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, a marvel of modern golf course design, stretches across the state of Alabama, offering golf enthusiasts a chance to immerse themselves in some of the finest courses in the world. Named after its esteemed designer, Robert Trent Jones, these courses are an exciting attraction for players of all skill levels.

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What is the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail?

Designed to create a network of public golf courses that offer a high-quality experience, the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail has quickly become a hallmark of golf tourism. Spanning 12 locations, it encompasses 26 courses and 468 holes, each offering a unique challenge and breathtaking landscape.

Avid golfers often follow the trail across all eleven courses to make for the golf vacation of a lifetime.

A Blend of Excellence and Beauty

Here are some of our favorite spots on the trail:

  • Cambrian Ridge, Greenville: Known for its scenic views, Cambrian Ridge offers a fantastic blend of woodlands, water, and fairways. The Loblolly course is particularly challenging with its narrow, tree-lined holes.
  • Highland Oaks, Dothan: This course presents an exceptional combination of marshland holes and thick pine forests. It features some of the longest and most picturesque par-4s on the trail.
  • Hampton Cove, Huntsville: With one links-style course and one traditional layout, Hampton Cove delivers a refreshing change. The River Course is famous for lacking bunkers and relying on water hazards for its challenges.
  • The Shoals, Florence: The Fighting Joe and Schoolmaster courses provide a spectacular view of the Tennessee River. With an exceptional use of elevation changes, these courses offer a pure golfing experience.
  • Ross Bridge, Hoover: Home to one of the longest courses in the world, Ross Bridge challenges even seasoned players. Its beautiful waterfall features and meticulous design is a sight to behold.

Made to Be Played

The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail was specifically designed to encourage golfers to play on multiple courses. The trails offer different pricing for weekdays, weekends, and seasons, allowing players with various budgets to experience these world-class courses. Contact any of the courses on the RTK Trail for advice on planning your itinerary.

Environmental Stewardship

Another remarkable aspect of the trail is its commitment to sustainability. It not only offers lush, green landscapes but also has a well-managed irrigation system to conserve water. The courses are designed to work with the natural environment, preserving the local ecosystem and wildlife.

Lessons and Amenities

Many of The Trail’s courses offer professional lessons for those looking to improve their skills. These courses have all the necessary amenities, including pro shops, practice facilities, restaurants, and on-site accommodations.

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Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a beginner, the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail offers something for everyone. Its stunning vistas, challenging layouts, and exceptional quality have put it on the map as a global golf destination.

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