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San Diego Food Tour

San Diego Food Tour

A Winter Walkabout Featuring Five of Our Favorite Bites

Ah, San Diego! The Southern California paradise where the sun always shines and the Pacific Ocean beckons surfers, swimmers, and sunbathers all year long. Escape the winter chill blanketing the rest of the country and visit San Diego, where the term “winter” is relative, and the local chefs serve up some of the finest food on the West Coast.

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Here’s a list of five of our favorite restaurants and one of our favorite neighborhoods in the beachside city of San Diego:

Callie: East Village’s Mediterranean Magic

When you step into Callie, the ambiance transports you straight to a Mediterranean oasis, albeit with a SoCal flair. Guided by Chef Travis Swikard’s love of flavors from Greece, Italy, and the Middle East, Callie offers a menu that marries traditional tastes with forward-looking flourishes. The baba ghanoush? It’s not just a dip; it’s an experience. Smooth, smoky, and served with just the right touch of zest, it’s the embodiment of East Village’s eclectic spirit.

Kingfisher: Golden Hill’s Fusion Finest

For elegant cocktails and in a gilded bar that’s open to the breeze, look no further than Kingfisher. Located in the heart of Golden Hill, Chef Jonathan Bautista crafts a menu that delicately dances between Asian and French flavors. The chicken wings are glazed with tamarind, and the beef tartare comes with pickled ramps and Thai chiles – a testament to a fusion done fabulously right.

Animae: Marina District’s Regal Indulgence

Where wagyu steakhouse meets Asian cuisine, that’s where you’ll find Animae. Chef Tara Monsod, renowned for his culinary prowess, offers the crème de la crème of dishes. The Hunan Lambchops are an explosion of flavors, but it’s the pan-seared Japanese A5 Wagyu steak that steals the show. Every bite is a luxurious melt-in-your-mouth moment.

Herb & Sea: Encinitas’ Oceanic Oasis

For seafood lovers, Herb & Sea is the place to be. A masterpiece by Chef Brian Malarkey, this Encinitas gem promises the freshest catches, prepared with love. The Local Mahi Mahi Ceviche is a dish that celebrates the sea in every bite – fresh, tangy, and utterly refreshing.

Addison – San Diego’s Triple-Star Treasure

Nestled in the Fairmont Grand Del Mar Resort, stepping into Addison is like entering a world where culinary dreams come true. As San Diego’s only restaurant with three Michelin stars, it carries a reputation that’s truly deserved. Chef William Bradley’s California/Asian Fusion dishes are a symphony of flavors. The ten-course tasting menu celebrates regional ingredients and Southern California influences.

Little Italy District Where Tradition Meets Modern Cuisine

For generations, San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood was the epicenter of the city’s flourishing tuna industry. Over the past decade, it has also blossomed into a vibrant, bustling culinary district that has earned the nickname “Top Chef Alley.”

The Little Italy district is now home to dozens of restaurants, from walk-up pizza counters to high-end fine dining locales. Juniper & Ivy offers modern American dishes with flair, while the historic Filippi’s Pizza Grotto tempts with its classic pies. Kettner Exchange serves innovation on a plate, seamlessly blending flavors and cuisines.

For craft beer aficionados, Ballast Point Brewing is a haven of brews, each narrating a distinct tale. Rounding off this culinary journey is the bustling Little Italy Food Hall, a gastronomic mosaic offering a taste of everything. Little Italy is truly a foodie’s paradise, showcasing the best of San Diego’s culinary talent.

Bring Your Appetite to San Diego This Winter

Wrap up those winter scarves and get ready for a culinary adventure! San Diego’s winter offerings promise warmth, delight, and a journey that your taste buds will remember long after the season’s snow has melted away.

Call our flight coordinators today to plan your winter getaway, and bon appétit!

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