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Summer F1 Grand Prix Schedule

Summer F1 Grand Prix Schedule - Hungary main city with large canal, night scene with lights

This summer, the hottest tickets in the sporting world are for these European Grands Prix

The 2023 Formula 1 season is well underway. And the new growth of the sport is evident with future grands prix venues selling out within mere hours of race passes going on sale.

We expect a busy summer transporting our clients to and from some of this F1 season’s most exciting races. Here’s a preview of this summer’s hottest grands prix:

Hungarian Grand Prix — July 21–23, 2023

The Hungaroring lies 23 kilometers northeast of downtown Budapest. It’s a technical and dynamic race circuit that pushes F1 drivers close together and significantly challenges each team’s race strategy.

The action during this grand prix is as hot as the circuit during race weekend. Hungary gets toasty during the summer, but that is not a deterrent for F1 fans; a few general admission tickets are still up for grabs. A race weekend pass to this grand prix can only be a complete package with a luxurious stay in beautiful Budapest, where 5-star hotels are seemingly around every corner.

One of our favorites from last year’s grand prix was Matlid Palace, a boutique hotel just blocks east of the Danube. The best part about staying in the heart of Budapest is that you are likely to encounter other racegoers and even some of your favorite F1 personalities.

Belgian Grand Prix — July 28–30, 2023

There’s more in store for Belgium this summer in what already promises to be a bustling holiday destination for many European travelers. The Belgian Grand Prix will light up the tiny city of Spa once again for one of F1’s best summer races.

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps provides much excitement due to the variability of the weather. The speed-friendly track layout and its gorgeous surroundings. Getting to Spa for the grand prix requires you to charter your jet to Liège Airport (EBLG), a 40-minute drive north of Spa. Other options like Brussels are good alternatives, but Liège is the most convenient for private jet travel.

Staying in Spa during race weekend will be more of a challenge due to the relatively small size of this beautiful mountain city. Hotel de la Source in Francorchamps is a racer’s favorite and will likely see a lot of traffic and excitement on race weekend. If you book now, you just might be able to find a room.

Italian Grand Prix — September 1–3, 2023

Legendary. That is the only word describing the Italian Grand Prix at Autodromo Nazionale Monza. This circuit is known by F1 fans as “the temple of speed” for its many contributions to the advancement of the sport and its four straightaway track sections. Monza is one of F1’s most horsepower-friendly track designs and always draws massive crowds.

The race circuit is just minutes outside Milan. So jet-setting into this race weekend is simple from a logistical perspective. Getting to Milan from one of its two airports is easy, with ample executive transportation options to whisk you from the airstairs to your city hotel.

We frequently travel to Milan. One of the best places to stay is in a Gallia Presidential Suite in Milan’s Excelsior Hotel Gallia. This is just one of many options for discerning racegoers — Milan has no shortage of excellent accommodations available for race weekend.

F1 Grand Prix Schedule

No matter which of this summer’s hottest races you plan on attending, you will find your fair share of excitement. Over the past five years, we have watched it happen by flying our clients to grands prix worldwide.

If you’re looking for an extraordinary summer private jet getaway that few others can imitate. Contact our dedicated flight brokers to see how exciting a race weekend in Europe can be.

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