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Time is Money: The Efficiency of Private Air Travel for Executives

How Executives Leverage the Efficiency of Private Air Travel to Save Precious Time

The Covid-19 pandemic response shook the foundations of how technologically advanced nations do business. To survive, businesses collectively and independently found ways to leverage technology infrastructure to remain productive with a newly remote workforce. Telecommuting and teleconferencing are both more prevalent now than in years past because of the Covid-19 shakeup, despite the viability of these technologies as early as 2009. There has been and still is, however, a concentrated push from major corporations worldwide to get people working together in the same spaces once again. Businesses competing in people-facing markets have experienced the biggest push in this collective effort to return to the office. This “return to the office” initiative has driven more traveling executives to realize the benefits of chartered aircraft when they travel for face-to-face business endeavors. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of executive travel and how to leverage the advantages of private jet charter.

Time is Money

Door to door service and non-existent queues are two major selling highlights of private jet charter. The time saved in getting to and from the aircraft alone, for certain individuals, is worth the whole expense of the flight itself. Busy executive leaders should have an acute awareness of the value of their time as it relates to their individual leadership responsibilities. The savviest executives look for every way they can minimize exposure to inefficient uses of their time and maximize productivity for each hour spent engaged in business-related activities like travel. Average time savings of each private jet charter flown by a traveling executive vary widely, but a conservative estimate is about four hours! Four hours of average time saved getting C-suite professionals to their destination is a massive cost savings for most corporations. In short, executives fly private to maximize the use of their valuable time and minimize the expensive time waste associated with conventional air travel.

The Right Tools for the Job

One of the unique advantages of private jet charter is the ability to choose an aircraft that is appropriate to the kind of flying one plans to do. The private charter market offers competitive rates for jets of all sizes and range capabilities which makes it easy to pick the right size jet for each circumstance. Large teams of executives can opt for a large jet which has the seating capacity for 12 or more people, while a solo executive traveler might charter a small jet for shorter routes between large cities. The ability to tailor the size of aircraft to the demands of the route or the need for extra space and carrying capacity is yet another advantage realized by executives whose travel needs vary widely throughout the year. During peak demand seasons, such as holidays or spring break, having access to a wide variety of aircraft types minimizes the risk of being stuck on the ground. The final key advantage worth discussing here pertains to the variability of hourly rates based on aircraft size. Smaller jets are often less expensive than their larger counterparts which counts as another win in choosing private charter for executive travel.

Business on the Go

Midsize and large cabin business jets offer yet another advantage to the traveling executive that other forms of air transport do not: adequate workspace. It is not uncommon for executives to maximize travel time by making use of the aircraft cabin as a place for business. Tables for laptop computers, onboard Wi-Fi and segregated cabin designs can all be leveraged to make an aircraft the ideal location for executives to plan, discuss, and execute. In certain instances, large cabin jets with segregated cabin layouts allow for separate executive teams to break away from each other for privacy when needed. The ability to accomplish work while traveling is one of the more subtle, but highly efficient advantages for executives who choose to charter midsize or large cabin jets.


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