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Travel Restrictions Lifted, The United States No Longer Requires Negative COVID-19 Tests

Travel Restrictions LiftedJust in time for the onset of heavy summer travel demand, the United States has lifted its final COVID-19 restriction for entry to all travelers.

On June 10, 2022, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States rescinded its order which required proof of vaccination and/or proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to entry. The decision to lift restrictions was based on numerous factors. The most notable factor is the significant reduction in transmissibility of SARS CoV-2 due to high levels of immunity among the world’s populations.

Important Takeaway: Inclusivity

Whether traveling to the US as a foreigner or a citizen, you do not need to show proof of recovery or proof of a negative test before entry. We have already received questions about this from our international group of brokers and direct clients. Other countries maintaining COVID-19 travel restrictions typically only require proof of vaccination and boosters to enter. That list is slowly shrinking as high population immunity continues to reduce the threat of health complications from COVID-19. Traveling to China is the most difficult regarding testing and vaccination requirements.

Summer Travel 2022

The news of the CDC’s announcement is expected to be a significant boon to international airframe charter operators and commercial air carriers fighting to stay afloat. Summer travel destinations outside the US are seeing an influx of interest because of reduced restrictions. Countries in the UK and EU have yet to rescind vaccination mandates for travel; however, they have been lifting their testing requirements. The United States remains one of the world’s leading summer travel destinations. Still, air travel staffing issues and supply chain disruptions remain the most significant hurdle as global travel once again becomes the norm.

Travel Restrictions Lifted: Staying Current

If you plan to travel outside the US this summer, the threat of being stranded due to a positive COVID-19 test or the inability to attain a test before travel is gone. This has been a major sticking point for would-be travelers who have been looking forward to their next international vacation or business trip. If you would like more information about US travel requirements and preventive measures to stay safe while traveling, visit the CDC website.