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Travel to Greece This Fall to Avoid the Crowds

Greece Town area and Beachfront

You’ll experience something out of a dream when you travel to Greece.

Its sun-drenched beauty and idyllic pace have long lured travelers worldwide. This birthplace of ancient legends has continued its magical charm into the modern day. September might be one of the best months to visit the iconic bleached-white villages that abut the azure blue Aegean Sea.

Greece has much to offer as an autumn destination — the daytime highs are a little cooler, but it’s still perfect beach weather, and the crowds are sparser. It’s an excellent destination for family travel since you can spend quality time on the long flight and then settle into an ocean-side villa or chartered cruise around these beautiful islands.

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You’ll arrive in Greece refreshed and ready to sip white wine on a sunny beach. The only tough decision is which islands you’d like to visit.

Santorini vs. Mykonos

These two islands are among the most popular with tourists, and each offers its pros and cons.

If you’re traveling with family, we suggest Santorini. It’s much easier to visit when the peak tourist crowds aren’t around. The young ones will love exploring the winding paths through the island’s villages and swimming in the volcanic hot springs.

If you’re looking for more of a late-night scene, you’ll want to party with the cool kids on Mykonos. You can watch the sunset with a cocktail and dinner in the Little Venice area before heading into the heart of Mykonos town, where nightclubs with high-octane DJ sets spill out into crowded squares and peacocking jetsetters cavort into the early hours of the morning.

Festivals Galore

These are just a few of the upcoming events in Greece that will draw an international crowd.

Armata Festival

The Armata Festival is always a lively celebration on the island of Spetses. But this year, they’re going all out. It is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Spetses, during which a small fleet of Greek Islanders fought off the naval forces of the mighty Ottoman Empire. Every year the island commemorates the victory with theater and musical performances, public art, and much more. The event climaxes with a reenactment of the battle, during which the sky is lit with fireworks.

Athens International Film Festival

This film festival is unique for proactively supporting cinema from underground, experimental artists, especially from marginalized populations. These efforts bring new and exciting cinematic perspectives to a global audience and encourage the medium of film to continue shining a light on underrepresented stories.

Wine Festivals

It’s not as if you’ll have trouble finding a glass of wine when you visit Greece. But make sure to take note of the many regional wine festivals around the islands. September is harvest time for wine grapes in Greece. Several cities organize festivals to showcase these lesser-known varieties to the international tastemakers in attendance.

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