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Tucson Food Tour

Tucson Food Tour

Sonoran cuisine is only the beginning in the Old Pueblo

Tucson has been selected by UNESCO as a City of Gastronomy, citing the “region’s rich agricultural heritage, thriving food traditions, and culinary distinctiveness.” It is a crossroads of Spanish, Mexican, and Native American foodways, and its signature Sonoran cuisine is found nowhere else in the country.

The winter months are a fine time to visit Tucson and discover the gastronomic adventures that await you. The cool, crisp nights and warm, clear days are ideal for leisurely strolls and satisfying meals, while the smaller crowds mean less waiting time and better service.

Contact our flight coordinators today to learn about charter flights to Tucson. In the meantime, join us for a wintertime tour of Tucson’s lively culinary scene with this short list of our favorite eateries.

Sonoran Classics

We always recommend starting your Tucson food experience at El Charro Café. The oldest Mexican restaurant in Tucson now has two satellite locations besides its original outpost downtown. They are famous for their dried beef — carne seca — and purport to be the original home of the chimichanga.

El Taco Rustico claims to serve the best tacos in Tucson, and we’re hard-pressed to argue the point. They’re renowned for their street-style tacos featuring seasoned meats, homemade salsas, and fresh guacamole. Meat lovers should try the carne asada or pollo asado.

The tortillas in Tucson are a marvel by themselves. They are made from flour instead of corn, pressed super-thin, and flake apart as you eat them. Get the best at St. Mary’s Mexican Food and take a quart of red chile beef to fill them with.

We also love Taqueria Aqui con El Nene for its signature taco stuffed with green chiles, mushrooms, and melty cheese, and the Sonoran hot dogs at El Guero Canelo.

Chef Alisah’s Restaurant

Chef Alisah’s Restaurant, located north of downtown, is a haven for Tucson’s foodies. This charming, family-run restaurant features traditional Bosnian/Eastern European dishes as well as some modern updates on old family recipes. It’s easy to see why the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives featured Chef Alisah’s in 2018, and you’ll want to make Chef Alisah’s a regular stop any time you visit Tucson. Try the traditional beef sausages or the paprika chicken, each served family-style to feed multiple diners.

The Parish

The Parish opened its doors in 2011, and it continues to draw foodies from Arizona and around the country. The Parish walks that fine line between serving traditional, time-honored recipes and offering unique and novel twists on old favorites. The menu at The Parish includes gumbo, jambalaya, and po’boys, served traditionally or with a southwestern flare.


Tucson may not seem like an obvious home for one of the country’s finest Indian restaurants, but once you eat here, you may find yourself agreeing about the quality and authenticity of Sher-e-Punjab’s Indian dishes. Highlights include flavorful chicken tikka masala, fiery vindaloo, and tangy, spicy chana masala.

Comida Park

Cities like Tucson were among the first to truly embrace food truck culture. Tucson’s agreeable weather and wide-open spaces are ideal for getting together and enjoying some food and family fun. Comida Park offers a gathering space for a rotating variety of Tucson’s best food trucks and is located adjacent to the Tanque Verde Swap Meet (a must-experience flea market held every weekend.)

And So Much More…

These are just a few of our favorite spots to eat in Tucson. Visitors could spend a month just exploring all the taco trucks and Mexican eateries, but Tucson is a city with a surprisingly cosmopolitan and international culinary flare. Whether you’re in the mood for a pancake breakfast or a four-course dinner, you’ll find it in Tucson.

Visit Tucson This Winter

The off-season is a great time to visit Tucson. Call your flight broker today to arrange your charter flight to Tucson and be sure to bring your appetite!

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