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What are Empty Legs?

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Take Advantage of the Cost-Saving Opportunities When Our Jets Need to Relocate

We operate an on-demand private charter service. Because we don’t have regular routes, our jets often need to relocate to a different city to pick up our next client. When that happens, our airframes are scheduled to fly an “empty leg” to the next city of departure.

If you live or do business near a major metropolitan area, there are plenty of opportunities to charter these empty legs at a fraction of the normal cost. For some travelers, adjusting their schedule is well worth taking advantage of these discounts. Some empty legs are available for the span of a few days, making them attractive to travelers who aren’t as flexible with their flight dates.

We work diligently to ensure every jet reposition is available as an empty leg. Our website is updated regularly with all our available empty legs. Some are posted months in advance, giving you time to plan your travel around a discounted flight.

Why Choose Empty Legs?

Consider the following example: One of our jets just dropped off clients in Seattle. The next scheduled flight on that aircraft is in two days, when the jet will fly passengers from Los Angeles to Miami. The jet will eventually need to fly from Seattle to Los Angeles as an empty leg.

Someone who needs to fly from Seattle to Los Angeles in that timeframe can maximize their cost savings on a private charter. If a traveler only needs to get to Napa Valley, they can also take advantage of reduced pricing on this empty leg since Napa is on the way to Los Angeles. The same goes for a flyer in Portland who needs to get to L.A.

If you need to charter a route in the approximate direction of an airframe’s next scheduled empty leg flight, it is always worth contacting us for a free inquiry and quote.

How to Take Advantage of Empty Legs

You can receive email updates directly from us about empty legs or check the regularly updated empty leg listing on our website. You can instantly access information about current empty leg flights by checking directly with us.

Remember, if the city pairing you need is near one of our empty legs, you are still potentially eligible for substantial cost savings.

The Gulfstream IV and V aircraft in our fleet have spacious cabins tailored to suit the needs of larger groups or long-range travel. If you want to travel to Europe from North America or vice versa, you might be surprised at how many empty-leg opportunities we have.

If you’re into spontaneous getaways, chances are one of our jets is within your reach at a discount. Empty leg flights are perfect for larger groups of 10 or more people, and we think a flight aboard one of our Gulfstream aircraft is an experience best shared with friends and family.

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