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Winter in Amsterdam

Winter in Amsterdam

The Cooler Months Showcase the Cozy Side of the Dutch Capital

When you think of Amsterdam, do you picture serene canals and blooming tulip fields? Do you imagine strolling along the city’s quaint cobblestone streets on a crisp spring day? While there’s no question that Amsterdam is beautiful in spring and summer, the city is equally charming during winter.

As the temperatures dip, Amsterdam’s canals freeze over, snow blankets the buildings, and the city is transformed into a winter wonderland. You may not see tulips this time of year, but the magic of Amsterdam in winter draws tourists from around the world. Call our flight broker today to schedule your charter flight to this extraordinary European city.

If you’ve never considered visiting in the winter, these are just some of the attractions and events that might convince you to explore Amsterdam in the cold.

Ice Skating on the Canals

Often dubbed the Venice of the North, Amsterdam is undoubtedly as famous for its canals as its culture and architecture. Unlike Venice, where the canals only freeze once or twice a century, Amsterdam’s canals become public ice-skating rinks in the wintertime. Few joys exceed that of lacing up skates and gliding over the frozen waters of the iconic Prinsengracht or Keizersgracht canals.

Warm up at a “Brown Café”

Brown cafes (bruin cafés) are the best way to plunge into Dutch culture. These cafes are known for their dark, wood-paneled interiors, and drinking beer or coffee in a brown café is like sitting in someone’s large living room. For an authentic cultural experience, enjoy the casual, cozy ambiance at Café Papeneiland, one of the oldest of the city’s brown cafés. This local favorite serves legendary apple pie and boasts a stunning view of the Prinsengracht and Brouwersgracht canals.

Visit the Amsterdam Light Festival

Winter nights in Amsterdam shimmer with the glow of the annual Amsterdam Light Festival. From late November to January, artists from around the world illuminate the city’s streets and waterways with breathtaking light installations. A boat tour during this time offers a mesmerizing perspective, letting you navigate the canals under the glow of art.

Explore the Rijksmuseum

Take a break from the cold and immerse yourself in Dutch art and history at the Rijksmuseum. This iconic museum is home to works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and many other masters. The sheer grandeur of the building, combined with its vast collection, makes it a must-visit, especially when seeking refuge from winter’s chill.

Stroll the Jordaan District

Even in winter, the bustling Jordaan District hums with activity. Wander narrow lanes and roads, each lined with historic houses, quirky boutiques, and dazzling art studios. The Jordaan District is especially picturesque in winter as snow caps the rooftops and frost decorates the windows.

Taste Oliebollen and Stroopwafel

Winter in Amsterdam is incomplete without indulging in some traditional Dutch winter treats. Try the Oliebollen (deep-fried dough balls sprinkled with powdered sugar, a winter staple) from Hartog’s Volkoren Bakery or the stroopwafels (caramel-filled waffle cookies) from any of Stach’s ten locations around the city. Either of these delicious treats is perfect with a cup of hot cocoa, providing welcome warmth on a frosty winter day.

Amsterdam Awaits This Winter

Whether you’re skating on the canals, sipping on a warm beverage in a cozy café, or simply enjoying the city’s vibrant history and culture, Amsterdam promises an unforgettable winter escape. Call our flight brokers, pack your bags, and get ready to be enchanted by Amsterdam’s winter wonders!

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