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New York City

Are You In a New York State of Mind?

New York – The City that Never Sleeps!

Wall Street, the Empire State Building, Broadway, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park …


Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, let our New York private air charters get you to your destination in comfort and style. We can fly into Westchester County, Teterboro or Republic/Farmingdale on Long Island, getting as close to your final destination as possible.

Perks of private jet charter services with Global Air Charters include:


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Conveniently Flying to the New York City airport closest to you

Teterboro (KTEB)
Land 15 miles from Manhattan
Republic / Farmingdale (KFRG)
Fly into the heart of Long Island
Westchester County (KHPN)
Just 20 mins to Greenwich, CT

New York City Weather

Flight time to/from New York with Global Air Charters

*Flight time estimates for private jet charters from Teterboro Airport on a Gulfstream IV. Flight times can vary due to headwinds and weather conditions.

  • New York City (Teterboro) to Miami – 2 hours and 37 min
  • New York City (Teterboro) to Denver – 4 hours and 53 min
  • New York City (Teterboro) to Las Vegas – 6 hours and 20 min
  • New York City (Teterboro) to Chicago – 2 hours and 34 min
  • New York City (Teterboro) to Los Angeles – 6 hours and 54 min
  • New York City (Teterboro) to Fort Lauderdale – 2 hours and 34 min