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NYC Airports

NYC Airports

Which of New York’s smaller airfields is the best for private charters?

Few cities are as well-suited to handle high air traffic volume as New York City. The airspace runs like a well-oiled machine most of the time. Its larger airports, John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK) and LaGuardia Airport (KLGA), are famously busy, and its satellite airports are routinely bustling.

Some of the best airports in New York are consequently the busiest, especially during peak travel periods. This poses various challenges for private jet clients trying to keep to their schedule when they travel.

We think these are three of New York’s best airports for private charters, along with some helpful information to consider before you choose where to depart. Contact our flight coordinators to learn more about charters in New York City.

Republic Airport (KFRG), Farmingdale, New York

If you live on Long Island or don’t mind commuting, Republic Airport is a good first choice for New York departures. Runway lengths are sufficient for long-range jets to depart with full gas tanks making it easy to reach any European destination, Africa, or even cities deep into South America.

Runway length is often the most significant determining factor when flying over long distances because heavy aircraft require much more than their midsize counterparts. Republic typically sees less traffic volume than other New York Airports, making it an ideal choice to get off the ground quickly.

  • Republic Airport Pros: Less busy, Air Traffic Control tower, cheaper jet fuel, U.S. Customs
  • Republic Airport Cons: Fewer services, extremely windy in the spring and fall seasons

Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR), Newark, New Jersey

Newark is an excellent choice if you’re in Manhattan and need an airport nearby that is not JFK. Newark is close to the city and easily accessible for those who want to avoid larger crowds commonly found at JFK.

Newark has all the services available at any major airport nationwide, with long runways, adequate staffing, and a large private jet terminal. Unlike other small airports in the area, it serves regular commercial air travel and handles traffic quite well during peak winter and summer travel seasons.

Meeting your jet in Newark is easier than getting to Teterboro (KTEB) or Morristown (KMMU) because it is much closer to Manhattan.

If you need to depart from New York, Newark checks all the boxes: proximity to downtown, passenger amenities, staffing, and aircraft services.

  • Newark Airport Pros: Large passenger terminal, passenger accommodations, location, U.S. Customs.
  • Newark Airport Cons: Expensive jet fuel, heavier traffic, increased potential for Air Traffic Control delays.

Long Island MacArthur Airport (KISP), New York, New York

MacArthur Airport on Long Island is the perfect jumping-off point if you find yourself near the Hamptons. Even if it’s a little out of the way, MacArthur, formerly known as Islip Airport, offers one of the best executive airport experiences.

This airport has the best of both worlds due to its small size coupled with the supporting infrastructure of a large airport. The service staff offers best-in-class handling and catering of long-range jets, which is why we love doing business at MacArthur.

Departure from New York out of this location is a smart choice for clients in the East Hamptons or anyone hoping to avoid larger crowds.

  • Long Island Airport Pros: Less traffic, U.S. Customs, cheaper jet fuel, proximity to Hamptons
  • Long Island Airport Cons: Far from Manhattan, shorter runways, limited ramp space during peak travel

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