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Air Charter Association

Air Charter Association

GAC’s newest partnership expands our network and reputation among the world’s leading on-demand charter operators

To further our commitment to safety and our dedication to our broker partners, regulators, and clients, Global Air Charters is delighted to have partnered with The Air Charter Association.

The ACA is one of the private air charter industry’s oldest organizations and promotes self-regulation and exceedance of safety standards. We have strived for membership in The Air Charter Association’s network for some time as we have worked to enhance our safety practices and outpace the regulatory minimum standards.

Organizations like The Air Charter Association are excellent partners, and we are thrilled to be part of this reputable network of the world’s safest on-demand charter operators.

About The Air Charter Association

The organization was founded in 1949 and has since become one of the air travel industry’s foremost assets for safety management and network building, especially in the European market. The ACA has worldwide representation and is known to provide the necessary advocacy that serves as a bridge between air charter operators and the regulatory bodies that oversee them.

Being in partnership with The Air Charter Association means we, as operators, are recognized for our standards of safety that exceed the regulatory minimums. We are excited to see how The ACA will help facilitate further measures to enhance our operational reliability in the years to come.

Networking Opportunities

One of the most exciting facets of this new partnership is the phenomenal opportunities within The Air Charter Association’s network. Now that we are listed among the safest and most reputable charter operators worldwide, many more European brokers will have access to our fleet where they might not have before.

We are excited to attend The Air Charter Association’s Air Charter Expo at London’s Biggin Hill Airport (EGKB) in September. Networking opportunities like these are wonderful venues for us to meet new people and put faces to names we already know.

We are fortunate to offer a niche product in high demand: connecting countries in South America, Africa, the U.K., and Europe to the United States with nonstop service. Establishing new connections within The ACA’s network will provide many new opportunities to bring business to our partners abroad.

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