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What are the Benefits of Chartering a Jet with a Small Boutique Operator?

With all the recent growth in the worldwide private air travel market, the average flier traveling today has plentiful options. During off-peak travel periods, it is possible to receive competing quotes for your route from multiple operators, both big and small.

While every client has different travel needs, there are some nearly universal truths about how boutique operators are positioned to adapt better than their larger counterparts. Let’s highlight some major advantages of shopping small when it comes to your on-demand private air travel needs.

Flexible Travel Solutions

Adaptability and flexibility are central to what we do in the on-demand private jet market. Some operations are better suited to thrive when travel plans are in flux. Boutique charter firms like ours excel in providing brokers and clients with more timing and departure/arrival flexibility than is typical with big companies.

Though we prefer to book flights in advance to run the most efficient operation possible, our fleet utilization is such that we often can make small changes in times or destination(s) without affecting the integrity of the operation as a whole. Large firms often need to squeeze as much utilization out of their aircraft as possible to remain economically viable, which leads to hard cutoff times for clients and minimal route flexibility on short notice.

Life happens, and plans change — it’s better to have a small boutique operator in your corner in those moments.

You’re More Than a Passenger

The team members you encounter during a flight reflect our core values as a business. We value lasting relationships and a genuine concern for the interests and well-being of our clients and brokers. Our highly trained cabin staff and our pilots are a handpicked team representing the absolute best in the industry of private jet operations.

What differentiates our flight crews from those of larger operators is the attention to detail you can only get from people who genuinely care for your well-being. We have years of experience caring for families, individuals with special needs, and guests who just like their privacy. We always go the extra mile to ensure our clients have the travel experience they expect — one precisely tailored to their needs.

Access to a Broader Network

Another benefit of chartering with a smaller operator like us is our ability to quickly refer you within our network to other small and midsize jet operators should the need arise. For certain situations, the aircraft we fly are just too large for your specific mission, but we can still help you find a more appropriate solution with on demand private jets.

We are happy to send our clients to trusted and reputable operators who fly aircraft that don’t compete in our ultra-long-range and heavy jet market. This is much better than trying to maximize the amount of flying we do by putting our clients onto airplanes that are too big for what they need.

We maintain strong ties to other boutique firms in the industry for such occasions where our product does not exactly line up with our brokers’ or clients’ needs. This principle reflects a core value by which we operate: putting the people we serve first.

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