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Year In Review 2023

Year In Review 2023

We look back at our most popular stories and news items from a remarkable year of travel

What a ride! It was an amazing year in review 2023 for Global Air Charters thanks to the dedication of our incredible staff and the loyalty of our wonderful customers worldwide.

It was a year that was characterized by many setbacks in the industry: volatile business practices from the industry’s largest operators, more frequent air traffic control delays, and the continued nuisance of illegal charter companies.

Despite it all, Global Air Charters opened several new avenues for steady growth in 2023, including new partnerships with a luxury Caribbean concierge service and two different safety standards alliances, and the launch of our own Part 145 Repair Station.

We’ve spent 2023 updating our followers on these developments, plus dispatches from the world’s best travel destinations and biggest events. These are the top nine stories that captured your attention in 2023:

  1. FedEx Cup Playoffs

We fly fans to the biggest sporting contests in the US and around the world. The end of the PGA season was no exception.

  1. First Class vs. Private Jet Travel

If you routinely book groups of first-class commercial tickets, you could be flying private for the same price per seat. We break down the pros and cons of each strategy.

  1. How to Spot an Illegal Charter

Illegal charters start up just as quickly as the FAA can shut them down. We point out the red flags, so you don’t get stuck with these unscrupulous operators.

  1. Wadi Rum Desert

This slice of Jordan is like something from another planet, but it’s just a charter away. Our ultra-long-range airframes can comfortably reach the Middle East.

  1. GAC Gets a New CEO

We welcome Michael Vanacore-Netz into the pilot seat as he charts the future course of Global Air Charters.

  1. Are Private Jets Safe?

We are proud to be in an industry that makes safety its highest priority. Here we break down all the features and routines that make Gulfstreams the most reliable airframes in the skies.

  1. How to Buy a Private Jet

How much money do I need? Is it a good investment? What does the market look like? How much can I expect to pay for upkeep? Here’s how to make the right purchase.

  1. Things to Do in Lake Como

Our jet-setting clientele was drawn to Northern Italy this year (and why wouldn’t you be?). This is where and how to live la dolce vita in the country’s most elegant quarters.

  1. The Best Private Jet in Each Class

With so many manufacturers making better airframes every year, choosing the right one is a more difficult decision than ever. We make our picks for the best in each weight class.

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